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    Old celine trio Pillow


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    Old celine trio Pillow

    Post  millesacaluse on Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:22 am

    <P>Old <a href=""><b>celine trio</b></a> Pillow Bag <P>Especially old pillows and tshirts. I broke two needles working on this bag when sewing the strap on, so j. How to turn an old nasty pillow into a new bag or purse!This instructable came about from looking for old sweaters for instructable. I found my old Pokemon pillow and decided it would make a decent bag. I still play Pokemon. You should too. :DSupplies An old pillow fabric to cover the inside of the bag needle/sewing machine thread pins scissors measuring tape/ruler (optional) seam ripper (optional) Drings, Orings, square rings (optional for strap) Strap(s) <a href=""><b>celine box bag</b></a> or belt(s) (optional for strap)Total time: About 2 and a half hours. <P>I found my <a href=""><b>celine trapeze handbag</b></a> pillow in our hallway closet smooshed in with some old blankets that were very tempting to use as beanie material. Its stuffing was all eff'd from being washed the wrong way. <P>Pillows with a screenprinted or dyed design work best. Make sure the pillow you want to use isn't a family heirloom or something like that, or you may seriously regret making it into a bag. <a href=""><b>celine mini luggage tote</b></a> As long as the pillow fabric isn't too threadbare or delicate, it should work for making a bag out of. <a href=""><b>celine phantom</b></a><P>Step <a href=""><b>celine mini belt</b></a> 2: Disassemble the Pillow <P>Get a seam ripper or small pair of scissors and start taking out the seams of <a href=""><b>celine mini tie bag</b></a> the pillow. I was lucky, and my pillow was a single piece of fabric folded over so I only had to take out three sides. <P>If your pillow fabric has creases in it, feel free to iron it on the appropriate setting. I couldn't find our iron so I had to deal with all kinds of creases and folds that just <strong> </strong> wouldn't cooperate..

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