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    Post  tamedashabesi on Fri May 01, 2015 9:45 am

    This week on The Bachelor (episode 5), Brad will balenciaga first eliminate three women. Spoiler alert! Want to know who stays and who goes this week? Read on. If not, stop reading now.

    This week, Brad Womack and his gaggle of women are heading to Las Vegas. Whatbetter place is there for love and romance than "Sin City," right? Right. While balenciaga part time giant 12 in Vegas, Brad and the girls will be staying at the beautiful and trendy Aria hotel.

    The first date is a oneonone date with Shawntel. Brad takes her to the fashion mall at Aria and spoils her with bags and bags of designer stuff (as seen in the preview). Apparently, Brad (Bachelor producers) knows balenciaga town bag that is the way to this girl's heart!

    After the mall, Brad and Shawntel go balenciaga classic city for a helicopter ride, have dinner on a rooftop and witness a fireworks show. All very predictable Bachelor stuff. Brad gives Shawntel a rose and she's safe for another week.

    The two balenciaga papier bag Ashleys, Lisa and Marissa, think of a great way to pass the time while Brad and Shawntel are out. They get small rose tattoos. Oh dear. The whole tattoo thing never plays out well on The Bachelor shows. Remember Kasey? Besides, you are not supposed to go swimming for a while after getting a tattoo; these girls are messing up their game!

    Now for the tackiest date in Bachelor history: a NASCARthemed group date. Why is that so bad? Well, as everyone knows, Emily's exboyfriend and father of her baby who was tragically killed in an airplane crash was a race car driver. Shame on the show for stirring up drama like this. Two thumbs down. Brad shows that he has a heart, though, by giving Emily the rose on the date. After the racetrack, they all go back to Aria for a pool party. Worst. Date. Ever.

    The last date of the episode is a twoonone date with the Ashleys. Their date balenciaga purses consists of rehearsing for a role in the Cirque de Soleil show "Viva Elvis." Only one girl will be chosen to perform in the show, of course. After practising, the three have dinner at a restaurant in Aria. During dinner, Brad decides to dump Ashley Spivey, leaving Ashley Hebert to perform in the show with him.

    At the rose ceremony, Brad eliminates Marissa and Lisa. See? Don't ever get a tattoo while on The Bachelor! It's a surefire way to be sent packing. Unfortunately, balenciaga pompon handbags the evil Michelle lasts another week. What does Brad see in her? Anyone? Share your thoughts on the season below!

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