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    it is all over the


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    it is all over the

    Post  jacketsy on Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:43 pm

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    it is all over the world every corner of the young men and women in marriage must have a link, this link is indispensable, the wedding ceremony to express a lot of information, mainly includes the following five aspects: one is to others proclaim: we've become husband and wife, others shall not disturb us from the most fundamental thing between husband and wife; 2 it is to represent the couple between each other must be single-minded, loyalty and sense of responsibility; Three is on behalf of the couple's sex life is protected and shall not interfere with others; Four is the man is the husband and wife since then, they began to take human reproduction task, and they must be on their offspring have the obligation to develop;

    Five representative for the men and women is a valuable and poor and must be brave in the face of life and death, and work together from now on. However, sex is the most primitive impulse in all animals, moral rules without words, only on sex and moral to maintain, there is still a difficult husband and wife grow old together, so, the long-term development of the intelligent human to human, under the guidance of the text, human law is used to determine whether couples hold grow old together, so the couple hold together must also rely on the law, which is a third aspect of tintin to say.

    When the invention, the text also found that couples hold only on sex and human morality. So, the rulers for stable regime, formulated the law, to sustain the relationship between the husband and wife. So, in a recent human for thousands of years, continuously improve laws to maintain the relationship, no matter in now how unfair, but it must be suitable for human relationship at that time, their basic spirit, whatever the human development, is likely to change. Once a spouse in violation of the law about marriage at that time, it must face the punishment of the law. So, now although couples divorce law, but for the law of the fault of one party must accept the law ruling.
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