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    Post  jacketsy on Sun Sep 13, 2015 8:07 pm

    I was ignored, thinking that this is all parents' mood. The second day, I had a phone call from the peak, said his parents invited me to her home to visit, and told me that her mother is very satisfied with after seeing my photo.
    O the second day, I went to the peak, peak early waiting for me at home, his mother is very warm to me, and his family has no rules, I also like at home, later, the three of us go shopping together, o peak mother bought several sets of clothes back to me, always told to listen to my words, o o peak smiled and told his mother would have listened to me. As we are together at night, when you eat a voice coming from the door: o peak, heard at home to the guest, so I will be back from the dinner. In the know without looking at it is the peak of dad. O because peak is the reprint, he introduced me immediately, I am also happy to let the cry uncle.
    At this moment, I found uncle staring at me for a long time didn't speak, stiff smile there. At that time I didn't care about, that have no what, looking back now just understand, because my mother and I are very much alike. But then uncle returned to normal, ask our situation, I against beside the peak talked happily, when he heard my mother work in television, I found in the suddenly says nothing, and he turned away the topic. During the Spring Festival peak o come to my house, my dad is very happy, but when my mother saw the peak, suddenly fainted, I and peak's surprised, but did not think much, thought come on mom, dad and me and the peak is scared to death. Wait until my mother woke up, I found her with a smile, to entertain the peak, in the evening, the peak back home, Fendi Belt Cheap mom called me to the side, seriously said to me: the spring, I found that the peak is not suitable for you, you cannot be together.
    O what ah, mama, I and peak fit, he is very caring me, I like him. My naughty sat on my mother. Listen to your mother, mother right, say you only 19 years old, not suitable for fall in love, academic matters. We fall in love have no effect on their studies, he and I are good, the final exam and we got a second major, and 19 years old I already adult, I have fall in love of power, mom, don't you see the peak is very good?
    Peak o I also think the child is very good, very speak well, and don't like the officer the second generation, will do household chores, for the first time in my home to cook, the child is the first time I see, I feel that we match the worthy, spring is spring o I think we should learn from the peak. Tidy up the kitchen after dad don't know when to come to our side. Mother looked at dad didn't speak, just finally said a sentence:

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