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    Post  jacketsy on Tue Oct 06, 2015 7:50 pm

    Can be drilling moneypenny shit. Some families are not rich, but family harmony, conjugal love, filial piety, such people do not praise, promote our society? This is we need for a harmonious society, christian louboutin uk an inferior man is don't they?

    Measure of man's social status, and there are many, but how much wealth is not measure of man's social status, in our socialist country no superior and the inferior, there is only the division of different; But everyone is equal before the law! Throughout history, no one because there are rich and lasts through the ages, would always be those who gave us some valuable heritage and alive in the world, we do not deny that there are material wealth, but more is the spiritual wealth, or culture in the field of wealth. People alive is to live well on the one hand, more to the people around you are living well, so you have more happiness and satisfaction.

    So whatever personal material wealth is more is less, if you can't do some contribution to society, not in the field of a certain achievement, that he is the slave of money, empty have a pair of seemingly magnificent and noble appearance, such people can never become a gentleman In these so-called experts, experts in water just say can't can't rise in price of high-profile because people can't afford to drink water, the construction industry experts ren dongfan, etc, and then raise the real estate is save Louboutin Shoe, Christian Louboutin people are too rich, house is very cheap and horrifying. In previous public media, which raise the divorce two senior experts in real estate is to buy a house is stimulating domestic demand, only for the rich to build let a person find everything new and fresh ideas. I don't know what is the basis of these so-called experts say these words?

    Water expert comments I would say, I have said many times in my article, building expert comments I want to say, for whom they are talking to? How these ideas? Christian Louboutin people are too rich, the house is too cheap what is the basis of this idea? The Christian Louboutin have the money? Up to now, there is the question of how many people have three square meals a day, there are tens of millions of people living below the poverty line, how many children can't afford to school, how many women to live in prostitution

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