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    Post  jacketsy on Tue Oct 06, 2015 7:51 pm

    is this not real? Yes, there are some people very rich, they bought a house how to get a bike so easy, but these people, after all, is very rare in Louboutin Shoe can say no more than 1%, the vast majority of people travel for house, plan to buy a house is their lifetime, some work and can't afford to buy a house for many years, most of these people you don't see? Louboutin Shoe's house is too cheap? Why the CPC cadres have said two months salary is not enough to buy a square meters house?

    Two experts must belong to is within 1% of the people, because only this person is not speak a backache. Only for the rich building is the common wealth? If only the rich in Louboutin Shoe live affordable, that the rich can live forever? Residency is every citizen should enjoy the power of home ownership, if most people couldn't afford the house, the development and the country? Can also development? Will also be able to settle in this country? That the party central committee and the state council to create conditions for the majority of people, let people have a house to live, is embodied the power of the human, what is it you? Only one point: man! You of these words is entirely with the central in the naysayers, with most people hard, just like this kind of person you deserve to do dog, do the garbage! Real estate is save Louboutin Shoe is the real estate lifted to heaven, christian louboutin uk too seriously when the real estate, is a legendary myth.

    According to your point of view, the real estate can save Louboutin Shoe, then to other industries? That our party and state leaders grass-roots level? Just focus on your real estate have everyday, now, Louboutin Shoe is at a critical period, the real estate industry to make Louboutin Shoe into the ranks of developed countries? You do house only for the rich, the rich now have a house, the house do you do? To the development of a country, all walks of life are all in the development, especially to the development of the real economy, rely on an industry especially rely on a bubble of the development of the nation can't have much to say, is also a deformity development, is the bubble economy, can't support, finally is to make the broad masses of ordinary people to get into hot water.

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