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    Post  jacketsy on Thu Nov 05, 2015 6:57 pm

    As for small shareholders opposed, as for the western society in Replica Ferragamo Belt companies, especially state-owned enterprises in the background of the cold war thinking, this is all we should have been considered, there's no deal that together we didn't meet such obstacles and questions, especially in the field of resource acquisition. And Replica Designer Beltslco all options at this time, in order to financially didn't buy the price of $19.5 billion for a 9% stake, is also for this reason, only in the western enterprise needs us very much to save them, we have a chance.

    Replica Designer Beltslco's desire for the success of the deal as is known to all, and make great efforts for this, as the transaction has been completed the $21 billion in financing arrangements, and has also obtained the Australian competition and consumer protection committee, the administration of the German federal cartel, the committee on foreign investment in the United States and other countries to regulatory approval. And prepare for the transaction to obtain the final approval of the Australian investment committee will be the proportion of shares fell below 15%. the hero save the United States, when a crisis far away, Replica Designer Beltslco has become the largest slave. As overseas media comments:

    Replica Designer Belts has, in addition to dominate at the beginning of the deal in a short, other times are completely passive, have also been including Rio shareholders under the pressure of public opinion, the Australian government, as well as abroad. Rio tinto abandoning Replica Designer Beltslco, we should be prepared. the case also told us that, in terms of overseas acquisitions, Replica Ferragamo Belt enterprises face more resistance than imagine, for the western world, they are still in the cold war era, their misunderstanding of Replica Designer Belts than Replica Designer Belts for their misunderstanding. In terms of overseas acquisitions, some people are so naive always trumpeting the Replica Ferragamo Belt domestic enterprises to the bottom, in fact, we never copy the bottom. Once a deal, we can easily obtain, it is certainly not a good deal. Tengzhong for hummer, the western media a cheer, few doubters, this tells us, this is definitely not a good deal.

    Rio abandoned the Replica Designer Beltslco, for Replica Designer Beltslco does not necessarily mean failure, although Replica Designer Beltslco's investment is a strategic choice, in terms of business, and also didn't eat anything. I applaud Replica Designer Beltslco's boss Mr Xiong, we accumulated experience, it is not polite diplomatic language, and indeed is the true gains of the us. The Replica Designer Beltslco as pioneers of overseas acquisitions, for Replica Ferragamo Belt enterprises' overseas trip to harvest the experience of constantly, constantly also reduce the misunderstanding of the western world. For the Replica Ferragamo Belt people, Rio tinto's move is also tells us that the so-called nationalism and patriotism in the business world is not out of date, in this aspect, western prejudice against us even more than we are. (netease financial features) and Europe and the United States in the financial sector deleveraging is different, Replica Designer Belts is by adding a leveraged economic stimulus policies, intent to achieve economic recovery and structural adjustment.

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