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    replica versace belt the Australian competition


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    replica versace belt the Australian competition

    Post  jacketsy on Thu Dec 03, 2015 7:29 pm

    As such, the joint behavior of Rio, extraterritorial jurisdiction, the Replica Ferragamo Belt ministry of commerce on the basis of the internationally recognized indeed have the right to review. Extraterritorial jurisdiction, however, in terms of legal attrie, and is a kind of soft law, its effectiveness and execution depends not only on the audit object is influential to the Replica Ferragamo Belt market, more important, is not depended on the execution of assets within a country. We see that the extraterritorial jurisdiction is almost every country in the anti-monopoly law essential terms, it is not the one who has a compulsory execution of the terms and conditions. Seen from the judicial practice, although censored object will be based on the needs of the trade to the country that has jurisdiction over the declaration, whether to carry out the decisions of the country's antitrust authorities, depending on the specific situation. , for instance, before being object of examination and review the antitrust bilateral or multilateral agreement ever, censored object without censorship state-owned business entities, these are the key factors. From the point of view, most of the extraterritorial jurisdiction is not essential to prevent the occurrence of mergers and acquisitions.

    In 1997, for example, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas merger, the us department of justice approved the merger and acquisition, the intervention by the European Union in European countries, in the end, to no avail. In particular, in 2008, BHP billiton launched a total of Rio $140 billion hostile takeover, replica versace belt the Australian competition and consumer commission said the deal would not affect the iron ore market competition order, shall be approved, at that time made it clear that Replica Designer Belts wants to veto, and urged the European Union against the merger of the two. After the outbreak of the financial crisis, BHP billiton dropped its bid. If there is no financial crisis, cheap versace belts the merger of the two, even if Replica Designer Belts's opposition, is powerless. Because on the one hand, the companies in Replica Designer Belts is not available in execution of the assets, on the other hand, in the iron ore market already in a state monopoly under the condition of the seller's market, Replica Designer Belts's lack of Rio's tough replica fendi belt sanctions.

    The anti-monopoly law of the weak performance not only in the lack of sanctions against foreign monopoly, many domestic monopoly behavior, does not seem to be any way. The anti-monopoly law since last year, both in terms of rock oil, cheap fendi belts telecommunications and other business monopoly, or on the limit of administrative monopoly, few bright spots and exciting, give people the feeling of monopoly is the more more. And not long ago, a ministry is to ignore the rules of the anti-monopoly law to abuse their administrative power, openly issued regulations, requires people to use its huge buying a software, in this stark challenges the behaviors of bottom line of the anti-monopoly law, the ministry of commerce has no reaction, is a law of shame.

    View, besides rejected Coca-Cola to buy huiyuan, the anti-monopoly law does not through classic cases do good footnote for their authority. For the two billiton joint venture, although the ministry of commerce has not yet received from Rio antitrust review of the application, the behavior of the joint venture tough talk is necessary by the ministry of commerce.

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