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    replica designer belts since the early


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    replica designer belts since the early

    Post  jacketsy on Sat Feb 20, 2016 7:39 pm

    Because of this, the timing of the comprehensive reform of the international financial order may be because of the crisis in terms of time and space of a comprehensive upgrade and mature ahead of time. In fact, replica designer belts since the early 1970 s, at camp David Nixon announced after the end of the bretton woods system, the new international trade system's biggest drawback is that the lack of an effective mechanism to prevent expanding trade imbalances, the United States since the 1980 s the accumulation of huge current account deficit as high as more than $30000. And the only way to deal with this imbalance is unlimited to issue $, as Mr Bernanke put it, like gold, the dollar's value is subject to their supply. But, the U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press, can let us not to spend almost $cost of printing. Unprecedented crisis shows that is characterized by dollar standard system of the internationa l financial order is just a fantasy castles in the air, unreliable, although looks very gorgeous, no foundation, a gust of wind can destroy her, through the way of increasing current account deficit, the issue of excess dollars, this model not only bring America into the abyss, is more likely to trigger a worldwide recession, is the road to serfdom. According to the analysis of the current situation according to the domestic some economists 26 to the world's top economists questionnaires show that think average period of the American economy in recession in 8 years, this is clearly a worse than most people expected results. Whether accurate or not, but at least show that the us recession has become a foregone conclusion, irreversible dollar weakness. No matter how the situation in the next few months the United States, to be sure, wait until the dust settles, the U.S. financial landscape will have completely rewritten, American dominance in the world economy will surely began to shake. However, to fully represent the interests of the American dollar standard relics, either from the perspective of the reality of comprehensive national strength and international financial order, too. Therefore, the current more realistic consideration should be to build a reasonable mechanism of checks and balances, eliminate excessive credit to the injury of the world economy, this is the priority of the world's major economies. And who in this decided to gain the initiative in the game of the world's financial order, will no doubt occupied the commanding heights in the future competitive landscape of the world, for the rise and fall of the great powers meaning is self-evident. Opportunity for the national recession, the European Union will never let go, from a view of the europeans to set up new financial market order. The rotating presidency of the European Union jose Manuel barroso, said: we need a new global financial order. Their goal is to create a new bretton woods system, reconstruction of capitalism's order, and see the crisis as the euro and the dollar equivalent of the best opportunities. The core of the new bretton woods is bound in the United States dollar random distribution, the international monetary system into an era of multipolarity. Based on this, the Europ ean Union is eager to global summit to solve the current dollar crisis, in order to promote the international financial order in the future construction of discourse and international pressure to the United States.

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