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    Replica Designer Belts's stock market


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    Replica Designer Belts's stock market

    Post  jacketsy on Sun Feb 21, 2016 6:33 pm

    Formed the Replica Hermes Belt stock market unique rent-seeking and the indemnification of the food chain. Due to institutional and retail distribution in the unfair status, through a strong position in the inquiry and subscribe an unfair pricing power and high subscription rate, and use the new shares listed on the first day of Replica Designer Belts's stock market is not set up the mechanism of harden, high cash to flee, the subversive fair is only strengthen the financial robbery, fighting fair confidence of investors. Xinhua attack on the system for issuing new shares for the Olympic Games, has hit the point. (3) the policy, has created an unhealthy expectations. It can be said that the Replica Hermes Belt stock market every fall, ultimately is a government bailout and end, and to save ended in failure. Have a look at the cycle of seven spikes slump in 18 years, every boom because of government bail-out, and each round slump because failed to rescue. Because the government's rescue often, investors have a policy of Replica Designer Belts's stock market at the end of expectations; Effect because of the so-called new market premium, investors have unrealistic expectations on p/e ratio; Because experts advocate the Olympic market, investors to 08 has well before the expected in the market. More than a decade, we have been in policy rescue circles cannot extricate oneself, even worse. Since the trust policy around the market, there is no need to understand the comp any profit, since believe the government will support the market, there is no need to consider the risk of falling. Again and again by the practical action to government declared its intention of controlling the market, again and again to strengthen policy city's expectations. And every time the bailout, because the power of rent-seeking, the real benefit is not the Replica Hermes Belt people. Because this kind of game rules and mechanism design implied proposition is: regardless of any government measures are inevitably appear rent-seeking behavior, and this kind of rent-seeking behavior basic can bring huge profits will induce interest groups around Replica Designer Belts's stock market, to make Replica Designer Belts's stock market fluctuations between boom and slump, form the rapids, to take advantage of the policy gap to obtain huge profits, this utilitarian action obviously will make Replica Designer Belts's stock market into the worst Nash equilibrium: interest groups use the policy of the government rent, ordinary people become the final bill in the intricate relations strangulation by round round boom and slump. (4) lack of illegal punishment of destroyed the investors of the rule of law belief.

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