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    replica hermes belt I'm afraid really


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    replica hermes belt I'm afraid really

    Post  jacketsy on Sun Feb 21, 2016 6:31 pm

    Will share reform contract as the unequal treaties, tried to freeze again for management through legislation size is not the right to seek legal basis, as for the future development of Replica Designer Belts's stock market stability anchor, is big, is undoubtedly direction of mistakes. Investors should understand that no matter how much the future management introduced restrictions, but the size of the final in the market circulation is an irreversible trend, any restrictions not only affects the size of flow velocity, but it doesn't change its traffic, or, any temporary emergency measures only prolong the pain comes, the size of the dangers of itself is not a bit of help, but may be inappropriate because of the temporary measures and make the problem more serious. And if we stand in the height of the reform of the global, no share reform in addition to the system of government credit crisis, and from the concept may overturn the reform we have formed consensus. Replica Designer Belts's 30 years of reform, is to make a lot of state-owned resources from the competitive spheres quit, don't compete with the people, in this direction have been demonstrated by the success of the 30 years of reform. As a result, those who suggest that sasac state-owned size not promised not to reduce its thoughts are not only selfish, and ridiculous. Size of circulation, the control of listed companies can't transfer, a stay of state-owned shares in listed companies, the administrative intervention can not be withdrawn from the market, the governance of listed companies is impossible to achieve a fundamental improvement, because a lot of administrative examination and approval of insider trading will scourge market frequently. Only let the size of the real flow up, only can scramble for control of listed companies, the equity of listed companies highly fragmented and has it been possible to establish the real stock market democracy, truly effective corporate governance is basis of property rights, the government improper intervention will be automatically withdrawn from the market, the securities and futures commission inappropriate has too much power will also be market under the force of underweight, this is to prevent the real way to cure slump in the stock market boom. So, instead will slump in the market at present due to the size, not attributed to the size of the incorrect thinking and restrictions. Is not the size of real fear, but fear of size of artificial itself. In the case of the stock market downturn, allowing the size or speed up the circulation, as for the damage of the stock market is the smallest, wait until the global economy, the bull market comes to solve, replica hermes belt I'm afraid really cause global Replica Hermes Belt stocks alone bear. The size of the problem is absolutely cannot drag, also is not a problem to be dragged up. Any measures to limit the size of the stability not only not the market, instead of all the possible outbreak of bombs. We have seen, it is facing system changes the prisoner's dilemma, have limits on the size of its measures not only have the effect of limit, but a size non-accelerating underweight. Four, Replica Designer Belts's stock market confidence anemia, the real is rooted in the loss of fairness and fragmentary system now has a tone, is the current stock market is already very cheap. According to the international famous institutions Thomson financial data released on August 12, the world's main stock index valuation and performance comparison table shows that: as of 12 closing the csi 300 index average p/e ratio of 17.54 times, in 1995 was the lowest since February 13 years. While the dow Jones industrial index of the average p/e ratio of 17.72 times. In terms of the simple, a-share market is cheap than stocks. From the point of international comparison, the s&p 500 index level of p/e ratio of 25.85 times, far more than A shares and the level of the csi 300 stocks. In addition, describe the main mature markets in the msci world index of average p/e ratio of 14.95 times. As in the case of the so-called cheap valuations, A shares did not restore confidence, still out of downward trend.

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