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    no ready with core competitiveness of


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    no ready with core competitiveness of

    Post  jacketsy on Sun Mar 27, 2016 9:10 pm

    no ready with core competitiveness of the industrial structure, and that Japan, South Korea is completely different. From the history of the change of the world economy, both in the UK, or the United States, although has experienced the economy high speed development period of extensive pattern, but eventually become a strong economy, depends on the progress of technology and innovation, the formation of competitive industrial clusters. Fake Gucci Belt over-reliance on investment and exports eventually can't be in the economic growth per capita income growth perserve, the lessons of east Asia is already high speed us to this point, the emerging industrialized countries, the per capita income reached 40% of the time in the United States, it is difficult to maintain economic growth. We don't have to talk about the lack of the livelihood of the people, no need to talk about system of the imperfect. But in terms of industry itself and sustainability, and we do not form a pattern of competitive industries.

    For that matter, is currently the top ten industrial revitalization planning under the state council, the significance of self-evident. Indeed, Gucci Belt Replica must pass through the revitalization of industry an industrial foundation, therefore, must carry out structural reform, vigorously promote the folk capital investment heat, especially to promote the development of the services and manufacturing sector, this is Fake Gucci Belt per capita Gucci Belt of $3000 must be completed after the proposition, otherwise, we will have to face in the global industrial chain low-end small share of the profits of the world's third major economic powers. (Oriental morning post column) notoriously astonishing language of guangdong people's congress Lu Guanglin on February 14, said the government to change function, behavior, preferring, policy can not flashy, now the government to support small and medium-sized enterprises (smes), gucci belt cheap but some rules to make small and medium-sized enterprise pressure is very big, so don't make the minimum wage standard, more and more people have jobs just is the most important.

    This is following the execution of "labor law", some scholars put forward suspended, suspend, paid vacation and so on, after another to stop "labor law" specific terms and conditions of the offer. Throughout these Suggestions, although according to the terms of the different, but there is a common characteristic: that is the special period, the financial crisis by compressing the laborer salary treatment, such as reduce the cost of enterprise, so as to reduce the risk of business failure fake gucci belt , through the financial crisis. Actually, for the minimum wage standard, there has been controversy on economics, but an undeniable fact is that most countries are not because the minimum wage is controversial in theory and legislation of continuation, this is the choice of efficiency and fairness, at the boundaries of the market and the government make a personalized options, and constitutes the institutional foundation of today's labor and social security, also is government intervention in the Labour market

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