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    a more rational did


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    a more rational did

    Post  jacketsy on Thu Nov 05, 2015 6:53 pm

    many enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, the feeling is not so good, they did not increase the order, the problem of financing is still, still operating costs and market has no obvious improvement. Why this deviation, this has a lot to do, and the compilation of Replica Ferragamo Belt PMI defects: Replica Ferragamo Belt PMI select samples is given priority to with large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, does not response the situation of the small and medium-sized enterprises, and Replica Designer Belts's PMI only formal establishment in July 2005, true verification without the experience of the economic cycle. Especially the trend of the PMI is generally presents the characteristics of high after low, before the second half of the downward shift, al so is very likely. Therefore, to simple judgment economy has warmed up, PMI may forget those who didn't included in the sample of the real living conditions of a large number of small and medium enterprises.

    Third, short-term optimism and pessimism structural deviation. In, a big increase in government investment and private investment in deviation, consumption continued downturn and investment continued to climb, the shape of the stock market, the housing market and the real economy, the reform and economic growth, and so on. Uneven reality reminds us of the changes in temperature, for the real condition of Replica Designer Belts's economy and the future trends, calm and rational, not speaking out of turn first to recover, than those who blindly optimistic intoxicated mood is clearly more valuable. Should be sure, the government stimulus policies taken by the previous phase has played a certain effect, it has been reflected from some macro indicators. on the other hand also should see, how the economic trend of the future, do not take the lead in optimism, CPI indicates that the risk of deflation is still there, reduced capacity also for the future was overshadowed, and corporate profits fell sharply and private investment in it is become one of the most potential economic recovery, in this case, what is the reason to sing song? In particular, the current total reliance on the input mode of extensive policy clearly unsustainable, policy resources are limited, the effect of policy is diminishing marginal. April credit drop from March 1.89 trillion to 1.89 trillion yuan, the extensive mode of the management has begun contracting policy.

    Government spending can create output, it is hard to produce objective profits and absorb enough employment, and may even make the resources into the excess capacity, distortion of distortion of the industrial structure, more excess excess capacity. Difference about economic prospects, is not strange, strange fight to index is the case, only have a special liking to the optimistic data, see individual index yelling as soon as they feel the first to rebound. And looking for evidence of Replica Designer Belts's economic recovery is inferior to calm down and think more deeper problems facing Replica Designer Belts's economy. More concern, more concern, a more rational did no harm.

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