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    Now, our parents or blindly requiring children do well, hope children can take an examination the ideal university, regardless of the child's own conditions and interests, and our children, under the parents' hope, bury their interests, picked up the books, you don't like to read books, until graduation from university, found that this is not a child need, also is not the children's favorite, sixteen years of reading, in addition to the theory, test scores, and no other, used up, what all can't, by this time regret is late, undergraduates to read technical school, fully illustrates the problem. In today's market economy condition, our schools and parents should understand this truth: three hundred and sixty lines, line out of the top, all roads to Beijing. Do well is just one aspect of a person good, bad grades don't mean your kids don't promise, the officer, our former chairman of the CPPCC is a carpenter born; For traders, many millionaires in Hong Kong and no eminent degree; For only the upper, zu chongzhi not many become a generation of master of mathematics culture. So, our parents, school, according to the child's own conditions, suitable for the status of the children's future, the university, is no longer a child most of gaining its luminous summits. Indeed, from undergraduate to read technical school, illustrates the need to change our education theory; We need light heavy theory of education practice completely change; Our way of parents and schools look for in a child's need to change! Perhaps, graduated from college students unemployment, which has become into the gens, study in technical school and other events, our educators, parents of students how to success will be a fundamental change! Xiangjiang river, the important branch in the middle reach of Yangtze river, the biggest river in hunan, the most important economic zone through hunan, known as the mother river in hunan province, to how many letters in the xiangjiang river left a lot of beautiful poems, especially the chairman MAO's poem "patio spring, changsha," let the fame of the xiangjiang river reached its peak, replica mulberry bags however, times have changed, now the xiangjiang river, has been more and more not that strong, he has become more and more weak, the grand momentum of jiangnan in Fake Mulberry Bags, the pentium river gradually atrophic, become a seasonal stream, and seasonal performance is better than a year, a year season is getting longer and longer, and the current situation of water shortage is more and more bad, water level is lower than a year, a year showed his never reveal the riverbed, even this year, the xiangjiang river during the dry season in advance again, in the Mid-Autumn festival season, the xiangjiang river has bottomed out, orange continent head has been able to wear shoes to walk to the channel island, which is rare in the past, water more than the same period of history, many cities along the Yangtze river water supply has become nervous.

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