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    Post  jacketsy on Sun Oct 18, 2015 8:54 pm

    How does not need to prove that human, just how human development; Not need to prove how the electricity is produced, is a need to know how to use electricity; And so on, in a word, now society, need most is applied talents, is relatively small, and the theory of talent need read 16 years, a lot of theory to say that but hands on what all can't, after entering society, to find what they are taught with partition does not enter the social needs, it is difficult to foothold in the society, survival and development, it is probably now graduated from the university is the root cause of unemployment, and college students become the main cause of neets.
    Needs now society, the theory of scientific research institutes and other units of bureau be confined to, most parts of the need of applied talents, and Fake Mulberry Bags's traditional education tend to see the development of the society, the needs of the market, or in the original traditional education for students, and how our children can learn the real survival ability, how can adapt and based on society, how to survival and development in the society. Secondly, Replica Mulberry Bags education concept to the need to change from time to time.
    Thousands of years of Replica Mulberry Bags education, Replica Mulberry Bags officials, is the purpose of reading a decade cold window unmanned ask, a day to become famous the world know, replica mulberry handbags uk explains the purpose of the reader, dry technology, entity is regarded as an inferior person always do, is not the way, after the new Fake Mulberry Bags to restore the university entrance exam, package distribution theory deeply, graduating from college now, due to the development of the society, the needs of the nation changed, college students is no longer the darling of the state, not the darling of the society, countries need to do the practical work of talents;
    The society needs is independent of the personnel; Enterprises need is to create benefits for the enterprise of talents. And our education system is not keep up with the pace of The Times, also in accordance with the original way I did it my way, replica mulberry bags so the education of physical how to adapt to the development of the society and the needs of the society.
    So, when the need to change our education constitution, moral education, legal education, survival education and application aspects such as education is the need of most of our students, our students is the future survival, and development in the society. Third, our parents expectations of children and the school can't light the children can be admitted to a key university.

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